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What Others Are Saying

My daughter has grown so much in her motor skills, reading, communication and listening skills. She loves it here and her teachers are compassionate and truly care about these kids. They always have fun and do many activities that challenge them intellectually as well as cater to their interests and abilities. This school is much more than a place to watch your kids for you while you work, this school will teach your child valuable skills that will prepare them for the next step in their education and help them to excel among their peers all in a safe and clean environment! I highly recommend this school if you have a little one!


September 2014

Brett Smith

We now have two kids attending Noah's Park! We chose to enroll our second son after seeing so much progress with our oldest son. Our kids learn something new every day they attend and it's done wonders for their speech, vocabulary and social interaction with other kids. I also really appreciate how open the teachers are to suggestions on ways to improve their services!


September 2014

Mom of Two

I enrolled my daughter in Noah’s Park at the age of 3 1/2. Within a one month period she was moved to the pre-kindergarten class due to how quickly she advanced. This was a result of how dedicated the teachers are at Noah’s Park in enhancing the kids intellectually. I have watched how the teachers interact with the kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They not only stimulate the kids intellectually, they also teach them good manners, respect and value. In addition, they keep the facility very clean.

I was truly blessed to discover Noah’s Park. My daughter is very happy and she loves her teachers. I highly recommend Noah’s Park to all the parents who are searching for the best preschools.

Elena Hormozi

Having a 2 year old and a 4 year old in Noah's Park Child Care Center, I highly recommend this child care center. I have the confidence in knowing that my children are safe and secure while receiving an education fit for their age group. A day doesn't go by that they don't ask to go to class or to tell me what they've learned that day. The teachers at the center are fully qualified, certified and work well with the children and parents. There is a great schedule for curriculum time, play time and centered activities that has enriched my children's learning abilities. They have learned how to interact with other children their age, how to develop sentences and speech, their abc's and numbers, and how to clean up after themselves. I appreciate all they do in partnering with me as a parent in preparing my children for their future.

Thankful Parent

Dear Noah’s Park Childcare Center,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating not only a fun academic environment but a warm and caring environment for my son. When my son first came to you, it was his first time in daycare and it was my first time leaving him with a non family member. That alone was a frightening experience for me, as a mother, but my fears faded quickly. I saw immediately how much the teachers cared about my son’s well being. When my son was having a hard time adjusting to this new arrangement the staff comforted him with soothing words and a gentle touch. Soon my son became excited to go to daycare, to see his teachers and playmates. I am really thankful for the notes that are sent home, keeping me updated about his day and his progress. I also appreciate how the staff always keeps me informed not only about my son but different learning resources for parents. I appreciate the monthly news letters that keep me updated on the daycare center and the inspirational quotes that inspire me and remind me how important it is to share quality time with my child. As a parent we get busy, but those quotes remind me what is most important. Thank you for not only creating a caring environment but also a fun academic environment. My son has made a lot of progress verbally and socially since his initial arrival. He can now recognize his shapes, colors and numbers and I know it is due to the staffs hard work, patience and dedication in providing a fun learning environment. I really appreciate your ability to show love and concern for my child, while educating him. Thank you for being a place that I can trust with my son, and know that his experience with you is enriching his childhood.

Thank you Noah’s Park Childcare Center!

Amber Grauer